Mar 12 2018

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rental credit check

Screening renters has never been easier as online tenant screening and renter credit check solutions have become more advanced. ApplyConnect s comprehensive background report is not only backed by the best tenant screening service, but it s tailored to fit your needs. Whether you are a real estate agent in need of a cost efficient tenant background check or are a landlord looking for the best residents while screening tenants online, ApplyConnect s background check and credit report has you covered.

Our tenant screening services are completely free to landlords and real estate agents, including ApplyConnect s exclusive online rental application. Applicants will simply complete the rental application, background check, and renters credit check for a small fee. Through our easy-to-use tenant background screening system, filling vacancies will be effortless as you can check tenants on the go, minutes after the online tenant credit report is completed.

Obtain peace of mind with our tenant screening report formula.

We know finding the right rental screening service isn t as simple as googling how to credit check a tenant . As a real estate agent or landlord, you need the right tools to make the best possible decision. Here s where ApplyConnect s free tenant screening services can help:

  • A dependable source: our tenant criminal check is backed by Experian and their VantageScore 3.0 scoring model.
  • Reliable data: updated regularly to stay compliant to federal FCRA rules and regulations.
  • Your one-stop shop: Complete with tenant credit report, nationwide background check, and eviction check. Oh, and a rental application too.
  • Affordability: Free for all real estate agents and landlords, no onsite inspection required.
  • Fast results: Renter application and tenant reports processed 24/7.

Your residents will love ApplyConnect s easy renter screening system as much as you do.

We ll be honest, with some tenant screening online services, screening tenants can be confusing and difficult. ApplyConnect prides itself in its easy and secure tenant verification service, insuring that your resident s personal information is in the right hands. Our convenient credit report and background check can be filled out 24/7 and is processed within minutes.

With ApplyConnect s all-in-one tenant background check service, background checks on tenants will be completed in no time, filling up those vacancies almost instantaneously.

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