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Tenant Referencing and Background Checks, credit check tenant.#Credit #check #tenant

Credit Check Services

Credit check tenant

Credit check tenant

Credit check tenant

Credit check tenant

Credit check tenant

Credit check tenant

Credit check tenant

Credit check tenant

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Background checks for both Tenants and Guarantors

Read about why you should use our tenant checking services

Before purchasing a tenant report please login, or if you are a new landlord or letting agent please register, its FREE and only takes one minute.

All of our tenant reports include a linked address search. Why are linked address searches important? If tenants move frequently (or try to hide their address history) there is a real risk you will not find any court enforced debts that may exist such as CCJs, Court Decrees, IVAs or bankruptcies. Linked address searches will help prevent this happening.

All of our tenant reports are provided using Experian, all purchases are subject to agreeing our terms, details here: Terms of service

Credit check tenant BRONZE TENANT CHECK (or Guarantor): ВЈ8.00 + ВЈ1.60 VAT

This report checks the past history of a tenant (or guarantor) to identify any financial issues that could affect their suitability to take on a tenancy agreement, specifically:

  • County Court Judgments (CCJs) or Court Decrees for the last 6 years with financial values awarded, the date the award was made and court references.
  • Details of any Debt Management applied to the tenant including date commenced and the date the order/agreement ends (where applicable).
  • Any details of Bankruptcy or Sequestrations filed against the tenant over the last 6 years.
  • Any record of Insolvency filed over the last 6 years.

The Bronze report does not provide any identity verifications, it will only cover the adverse financial checks listed above. If you are purchasing this report it is essential that you have obtained documents verifying the tenant’s name and address that you will be providing to us.

Reports ordered before 2pm are returned the same day by email (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays).

Credit check tenant SILVER TENANT CHECK (or Guarantor): ВЈ13 + ВЈ2.60 VAT

    Electoral Roll evaluation
  • Is the tenant confirmed on the public electoral register?
  • How long was the tenant recorded in the register at the current address ?
  • Details of any family or associates of the tenant found in the electoral register at the current address Previous addresses
  • Identification of any previous or undisclosed addresses for the tenant found in referencing databases Overall tenant risk rating
  • A risk score is provided for the tenant categorising them across a range from high risk to low risk with an indication as to probability of the tenant defaulting on rent payments and how this compares to the UK population averages

Reports ordered before 2pm are returned the same day by email (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays).

Credit check tenant GOLD TENANT CHECK (or Guarantor): ВЈ18 + ВЈ3.60 VAT

  • A summary detailing the number of accounts and companies listed in financial databases verifying the tenant identity for the address provided. Each account found provides additional identity verification for the tenant name, date of birth and address.
  • Identification of any alias names used by the tenant.

To purchase this report click on the BUY button below, enter the tenant details, then make your payment by credit card (except AMEX), debit card or Paypal. You can also view and print the details required for gold tenant checks here

Reports ordered before 2pm are returned the same day by email (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays).

Credit check tenant PLATINUM TENANT CHECK: ВЈ28 + ВЈ5.60 VAT

  • Additional checks against the tenant’s previous address listing details found in the public electoral register and any account information found in financial databases linking the tenant to the previous address.

  • Confirmation if the individual has been sanctions listed with HM Treasury or OFAC. These databases include details of people who have been sanctioned for serious fraud or association with terrorism.

  • Employer name and telephone number. This is a basic check that searches referencing databases to identify that company name and telephone number are matched. For example we sometimes find that a prospective tenant gets a friend to use their private number to ‘act as the employer’

  • Verbal reference check with the current landlord or letting agent. Please note that some letting agents will not provide references, in these cases we will advise in the report.
  • Reports are completed and returned the next working day by email (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays).

    All financial background checks ordered through this website are prepared using data directly from Experian databases. We cannot advise on the suitability of any individual with respect to the content of these reports.

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