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The Credit Solution Program Reviews – Legit or Scam, belks credit card.#Belks #credit #card


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Belks credit card

The Credit Solution Program Reviews

The Credit Solution Program, located at www.TheCreditSolutionProgram.com, is a program created by entrepreneur Mike Roberts to help you strengthen your credit profile and score.

According to TheCreditSolutionProgram.com, their mission is twofold: to create an informational resource for their customers on credit, debt, and other personal finance issues, and secondly, to present that information in an entertaining manner that will keep your attention.

The homepage of the Credit Solution Program shows you specific examples of how OK credit will cost you significantly more money in fees over a period of time than having Very Good credit will; over a lifetime they say it can add up to several hundred thousand dollars.

Their program will help you understand the 5 factors that are used to determine your score, understand why your credit score is what it is, and how you can use your knowledge to quickly change your credit score.

The Credit Solution Program offers you a Free Starter Kit. The kit includes: a series of 6 videos that will help you improve your credit score, a set of resources, tips and Questions Answers for each video, and the Credit Solution email newsletter.

In order to get started with your Free Starter Kit, you must first order your free credit report, so that you know what your credit score is and have the information necessary to begin to change it.

TheCreditSolutionProgram.com links you to FreeScore360.com to order your free credit report. However, you should be aware that most free credit report websites only offer you a report for free getting your actual score generally costs money.

In addition, the free credit report comes with an automatic enrollment into an identity theft protection program, that you generally must cancel within the first seven days before beginning to receive monthly charges. So if you do not want the identity protection, make sure to cancel it in a timely manner.

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Belks credit card

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