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The Deal, virgin credit card.#Virgin #credit #card


About Virgin Money Credit Card

You can easily apply online or you can call us on 0861 822 273 to find out how you can get one for yourself.



  • No monthly or annual service fees
  • No card swiping charges
  • Free face-to-face delivery
  • 55 days interest free
  • Credit interest of 2.25% per annum
  • Free automatic Lost Card Insurance
  • Free automatic Basic Travel Insurance with the option of Additional Top Up Cover
  • As a MasterCard™ holder you have access to exclusive Priceless Africa offers



  • Choose a credit card design that best suits your personality
  • Choose up to three additional cards linked to your main account
  • Opt for a Car Card™ as a value add
  • A personalised limit based on your credit score
  • 3D Secure protection when you use your card for online shopping
  • Exclusive access to Virgin Money Rewards

Qualifying criteria

Qualifying criteria

Getting a Virgin Money Credit Card could never be easier. To apply you need to:

  • Be 18 years and older
  • Earn a monthly personal income of R5 000 or more a month
  • Be a South African resident with a bar-coded ID book or ID card
  • Have a South African bank savings or cheque account

Pricing information

Pricing information

We can brag about our pricing structure until we run out of freebies to throw at you. We don’t charge annual card fees, monthly service fees, internet banking fees, swiping fees at any point-of-sale. We also have a very simple structure for withdrawals, enquiries, deposits and replacement fees.

As long as you pay your full outstanding balance by the due date shown on your statement you won’t pay a cent interest on your swiped purchases. This means you could have up to 55 days interest free on your swiped purchases. After this you will be charged the rate that applies at the time.

Here is where you need to pay attention as there are different rules that apply, depending on when you were contracted and subject to Repo changes.

The following interest rates are applicable from 28 July 2017

Account opened after 6 May 2016

Account opened after 1 June 2007 – 5 May 2016 (National Credit Act)

Account opened before 1 June 2007 (Usury Act)

  • Average debit balance of R10 000 or more: 17%
  • Average debit balance less than R10 000: 20%

The interest free period does not apply to Car Card™ transactions, balance transfers, cash withdrawals or casino transactions, as interest is charged from the date of the transaction until the date your related payment is received.

Keep a positive balance on your account and get rewarded big. You get 2.25% interest per annum from the moment you deposit money into your account.

In addition to the sweet deal above, we charge a variable rate linked to the repo rate. This means when the interest rates are low you will continue to benefit from the low rate.

We have your best interest at heart that is why we don’t burn any holes in your pockets with exorbitant card fees. We pride ourselves for excelling in providing the best service and deals that always leave you as the winner in the end.

We have a simple, flat fee structure. As an exclusive Virgin Money Credit Cardholder you get the following pricing benefits:

  • Secondary cards are free of charge
  • Once-off Initiation Fee: R160.00
  • ATM enquiries and statements: R6.50
  • ATM withdrawals worldwide: R22.00
  • ATM cash deposits: R32.00
  • Cheque deposit fee: R58.00
  • Cash deposits at any Absa branch: R57.00
  • Cash withdrawals at any Absa branch: R58.00
  • Lost card administration fee: R160.00
  • Card replacement fee: R160.00
  • NotifyMe: R0.55
  • Currency conversion fee: 2.75%

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