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Supply Chain Management

Are you interested in becoming a manager of, specialist in, or consultant on the design, implementation and management of competitive supply chains? Then the Master s program in Supply Chain Management is the right program for you.

Become a specialist in the field of Supply Chain Management

Design, implement and manage supply chain processes

Organizations increasingly need to collaborate with upstream suppliers and downstream distribution partners to effectively and efficiently serve their customers. This requires the integration of various key processes across the organizations that together make up a supply chain. The Master s program in Supply Chain Management is a world-class degree program that equips you with the expertise to effectively and efficiently design, implement and manage supply chain processes within and across organizational boundaries.

Real-world application

Academically-challenging and strongly oriented towards real-world application, the program examines key supply chain processes that take place within and across (manufacturing and (non-profit) service) organizations. In order to produce, an organization needs to purchase all kinds of inputs. Subsequently, organizations need to distribute their offerings to customers. These processes require coordination across the various supply chain partners, which is another key process in successfully managing supply chains.

A Tilburg University Master s program in Supply Chain Management offers you:

  • Contemporary scientific theory combined with insights from industry. The program teaches you how to make informed decisions by combining insights from theory with understanding of the practice of supply chain management.
  • Diverse and engaging teaching methods that challenge and inform on multiple levels, from lectures and tutorials to guest lecturers from prominent industry representatives, and group assignments.
  • Global and local perspectives on supply chain issues as reflected in the content of the program, the experiences and perspectives of your (international) teachers, and the (contrasting) ideas of your global classmates.
  • The opportunity to do an internship. the curriculum facilitates (via the master thesis) doing an internship, allowing you to gain work experience, obtain an enhanced understanding of Supply Chain Management in practice, and to build up your network.
  • The possibility to pursue a dual degree . in collaboration with one of our foreign partner universities.
  • Ideal preparation for a successful career as a manager of, specialist in, or consultant on the various supply chain processes (production/ operations, purchasing, distribution, coordination/ integration.
  • According to the latest Times Higher Education ranking Tilburg University is #1 in the Netherlands and #3 in Europe in the field of Economics and Business.

Student Anneli Degens

“I really like the teaching methods and the fact that the lecturers do not see you as just a number”

Supply Chain Management in short

Start End of August and end of January

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