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Top 10 Best Credit Monitoring Services of 2015 #credit #report #united

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Best Credit Monitoring Companies of 2015

In today’s hectic world where good credit plays such an important role in the financial side of life, knowing where your credit stands at all times is more important than ever before. Furthermore, preventing inaccuracies, unauthorized activities, and identity fraud are as essential as they have always been.

Constantly checking your credit score by yourself can be time-consuming and more trouble than you might know what to do with. In some cases, it is even expensive. That’s where credit monitoring comes into play. It’s a service that keeps an eye on your credit reports and helps you to keep on top of your credit history. It is quickly becoming essential to financial peace of mind.

When looking for a credit monitoring service, you should only go with the best. Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies out there that offer less than stellar services. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best credit score monitoring companies to aid in your search.

Each of these services offers:

  • Daily monitoring of your credit at all three bureaus,
  • Instant access to your credit scores,
  • Alerts when potentially ‘criminal’ activity appears on your report.

The absolute best services also offer stolen or lost wallet protection, identity theft insurance, and anti-virus protection.

After reviewing and comparing dozens of different companies, here s the top 10 credit monitoring services that we found for 2015.

1.  LifeLock

LifeLock is our top rated choice for credit score monitoring in 2015.  This company offers a comprehensive identity theft protection package that helps safeguard your finances, your credit, and your good name.

LifeLock offers users 3 different layers of protection.  First, they scan over a trillion data points per day looking for potential threats to your identity.  Secondly, they alert you immediately if they see anything suspicious going on with your credit.   And lastly, if you do become a victim of credit fraud, their will assign you a certified resolution specialist to help you restore your credit back to normal.

  • Full Identity Theft Protection
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • Black Market Website Surveillance
  • Credit Score Tracking and Monitoring
  • $1 Million Service Protection Guarantee

2.  Identity Force

Identity Force is regarded as one of the best services for credit monitoring and identity theft by many independent review sites, and for good reason.  This service actively monitors your credit, privacy, and identity using innovative technology that allows them to detect suspicious activity and alert you immediately.   In order to protect your good name, you need a broad coverage that protects not only your credit, but also your privacy.  And that s exactly what Identity Force offers.

Identity Force actively monitors all 3 credit bureaus (TransUnion, Experian, EquiFax) and sends you alerts to your email or phone if anything suspicious is detected on any of your accounts.  In addition to credit monitoring, Identity Force also actively monitors for address changes, identity theft, court record monitoring, payday loan monitoring, sex offender monitoring, and fraud monitoring.

  • Monitors All 3 Credit Bureaus
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • ID Theft Insurance
  • Access To Credit Reports and Scores
  • Junk Mail Opt-Out
  • Child Watch ID Theft Monitoring

3.  Trusted ID Essentials

TrustedID IDEssentials is heralded as one of the most comprehensive credit monitoring services. Trusted ID sends you mobile alerts as soon as suspicious activity is suspected. Their Identity Threat Score is another useful feature as it will help you gauge how serious the danger is that you are facing. The new IDEssential s program is exactly what you need  to get started.

4. Equifax

Equifax helps you keep track of your credit report and credit history so that you can better manage your future. In addition to reports from the three credit bureaus, you can also receive your FICO score. Equifax even offers on-the-go credit monitoring through their nifty mobile phone app.


Previously known as GuardDog ID, CSID offers one of the most comprehensive services out there. Its reports are easy-to-read and easy-to-understand. They put a special emphasis on identity theft protection.

6. Experian

Though it’s not quite as popular as the other credit monitoring companies on this list, Experian has been in the game for the long run. Their service is sound and solid with the option of buying a one-time credit report and credit score or the full-on service complete with mobile alerts if something fishy is going on with your finances.

7. Identity Guard

The name says it all, Identity Guard is focused on keeping your identity and your finances safe and sound by monitoring your credit around the clock and providing up to $1 million in identity theft insurance coverage. Their team of experts is available for one-on-one support in case trouble arises.

8. Identity Secure

If you really want to be smart about your credit score and your personal finances, go with Identity Secure. This top-of-the-line company gives you your credit score from the three credit bureaus. Adding further to its usefulness, it also sends you a TransRisk credit score which is aimed to give you an even more accurate idea of how a lender might view you.

9. Privacy Guard

A cool addition to the usual three credit bureaus reports (which Privacy Guard does too) is their ability to monitor whether other people are trying to sell your credit information online. They also provide an internet monitoring service to further protect you while you are using their service online.

10. Identity Protector

Despite coming in 10 th on our list of best credit monitoring services, Identity Protector is worth looking into. With information from the three credit bureaus, they can compete with the big boys and keep you completely up to date.

Using a credit monitoring service is one of the easiest and most effective ways of monitoring your credit score. It will help you learn what lenders see in your finances and protect you from fraud or identity theft at the same time.

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