Oct 11 2017

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Top Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Los Angeles

Attorney medical malpractice

Heimberg Barr LLP is a top catastrophic injury and medical malpractice law firm. Led by its senior partner, Steven Heimberg, M.D., J.D., who is both a doctor and a lawyer, Heimberg Barr is in business to help people whose lives have been forever altered by severe injuries from a variety of accidents, wrongdoing by corporations and individuals, and medical malpractice.

“Heimberg Barr seeks justice for individuals in California who have been injured, and for their families, during their times of greatest need. We consider representing each client to be a privilege. We pledge to do everything in our power, in every case, to be deserving of the trust you place in us.”

Dr. Steven Heimberg

Heimberg Barr: your first choice for injury cases.

Catastrophic Injury

Attorney medical malpractice

Sometimes accidents can cause injuries that change your life forever. Paralysis, loss of a limb, a brain injury that takes away one of your senses or significantly changes your ability to think, the death of a loved one – these can require lifetime medical care and expenses you’ve probably never had to think about before. Learn more about our Los Angeles car accident lawyers.

Medical Malpractice

Attorney medical malpractice

As a medical doctor, and a top personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, Senior Partner Steven Heimberg brings more to the table than almost all other lawyers that deal with severe injuries like yours: he understands, easily and immediately, all of the medical jargon and posturing that the wrongdoers often hide behind. When combined with his immense talents as a trial attorney, Dr. Heimberg’s medical knowledge makes him your best ally when coping with a life altering personal injury and he is able to defeat the vast resources that the companies (and insurance companies) bring to prevent those in your situation from getting what they deserve.

The Attorneys of Heimberg Barr are on your side.

Accidents happen. Nothing and no one is perfect. But many times life-changing injuries are somebody’s fault – the result of another’s wrongdoing and that person or institution should pay for the harm caused. If you or someone you love has been injured or harmed, please call us today to arrange a free consultation with one of Heimberg Barr’s top medical malpractice lawyers.

At the Los Angeles law firm Heimberg Barr LLP, we represent all kinds of accident victims, including those who have been injured:

  • For persons who have wrongfully suffered spinal cord injury, paralysis, amputation or death
  • By the actions of others causing brain injury
  • By doctors and hospital workers causing birth injuries
  • By the wrongdoing of a doctor, hospital, HMO or other medical personnel
  • Through the intentional or negligent actions of anyone they should have been able to trust
  • By a medical device or procedure
  • Driving or riding in a car
  • As a pedestrian or bus rider
  • By a drug or medication
  • By product or piece of equipment
  • By means of elder abuse

Attorney medical malpractice

Money can never bring back your health or a loved one, but it can help to rebuild your life after a catastrophic accident or life altering injury.

Victims of injuries face not only immediate physical, mental and emotional hardship and pain, they also may face years, or even a lifetime, of crippling medical bills, reduced employment and other extreme financial hardships. As one of the top personal and accident law firms in Los Angeles, not only in Los Angeles but throughout California, Heimberg Barr attorneys understand what this means for their clients. Because of Heimberg Barr’s attorney’s unique qualifications and experience, they consistently obtain fair compensation for their catastrophically injured clients, often in the millions or multi-millions of dollars.

After decades of helping clients who have been injured and disabled or lost a loved one, the attorneys at Heimberg Barr know the desolation and destruction suffering a severe or permanent injury can cause, both to the injured person and to his or her family. It is vital to have the best catastrophic personal injury and medical malpractice attorney Los Angeles has to offer on your side, fighting to win or favorably settle your case and to help you and your family get justice and the compensation you deserve.

At Heimberg Barr, we know how important it is to resolve your case as quickly as possible, before memories fade and evidence may be lost. We will work closely with you, starting with a free consultation by some of the highest rated injury and top accident attorneys in Los Angeles. We will thoroughly recover the evidence supporting your claims and present the evidence in a manner necessary to prevail. We will work aggressively to win for you a just verdict at trial or to negotiate the best possible settlement, using a course that is in your and your loved ones’ best interest.

Attorney medical malpractice

Heimberg Barr’s Results: Representative Verdicts & Settlements:

The largest medical verdict in both California and Los Angeles history.*

$17 Million Verdict. For birth injuries caused by a doctor’s failure to respond to fetal distress, causing severe brain damage. The largest medical verdict in the history of California and of Los Angeles County.

The largest medical settlement in both California and Los Angeles County history.*

$10 Million Verdict. For negligent misdiagnosis as well as wrongful and unnecessary early delivery of triplets, resulting in severe birth injuries. The largest medical settlement in the history of California and of Los Angeles County.

*All determined as of the time that the verdict or settlement was obtained.

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