Oct 3 2016

Triple Credit Report and Score from Privacy Guard #get #a #credit #card #with #no #credit

#triple credit report

Triple Credit Report and Score from Privacy Guard for $1

F ree credit reports are nothing new. But as we ve have written before, while you can get your free report at it won t come with your credit score.  A company called Privacy Guard, however, just launched a 30-day trial for $1 that allows users to check their triple credit report and score. So I decided to test them out for myself.  To be honest, I m quite impressed with the layout of the program.

Signing up for the 30-day trial

The process of signing up for the 30-day trial was in two parts.  First, I was required to enter all of my personal information like name, address and phone number. Once finished, I set up my login and password for and was charged $1 for the 30-day trial .

Part two was completed after I logged into my new account and set up my social security number.  I was asked four security questions to ensure that the credit profile they pulled belonged to me. When I answered all questions successfully, my credit reports and scores appeared.  The entire process took about five minutes to complete, which is just about how long any other credit report or monitoring service takes to get going.

Privacy Guard Tools and Interface

As you can see from the screenshot above, this is what the website looks like after you ve successfully logged into your account.  I m focusing on the two credit sections because for a guy like me with 30+ accounts and a lot of delinquencies over the years, I ll have my work cut out for me just in these areas.

The first thing I notice when checking my credit scores is that they re pretty close to each other, which is good.  When you have very different credit scores (sometimes a 100 point difference) that usually means some missing or inaccurate information is somewhere in your credit profile.  Then, after I ve taken a glance at my credit scores, it s time to hit the meat of this $1 trial the credit reports.

When you open your credit report, it loads in a new window and provides you a ton of information about your reports from the three major bureaus.  I found one section particularly interesting, which showed me the differences in my credit reports and whether or not this was normal amongst most Americans.

Privacy Guard is kind enough to provide me with the specific details on which information is different in each report and allows me to print out a .pdf that I can mail in to the credit bureaus to update or challenge the listed information.  I have every intention of making sure each bureau has 100% accurate information and there s even a few creditors which added incorrect deliquencies.

Why your credit is extremely important

Every once in a while, I like to take a look at my credit report and score from the three major credit bureaus to make sure I m on the right track.  In under a year, I plan to own my very first home. And in order to do so, I m hopeful to get my credit score out of the low 600 s to the high 600 s.  I ve already been able to increase my credit score more than 150 points in the last 24 months, so another 60 points in 10 months is a goal I think I can acheive.

Privacy Guard and their 30-day $1 trial is a perfect way to get a head start on checking your credit reports and making sure every piece of information you find is accurate.  You can bet that tomorrow, I ll be disputing a few things and updating a few others so that when it comes time to secure that mortgage, creditors see what their supposed to.

  • To sign up, visit and start your 30-day trial for $1
  • To cancel, log into your account, select the My Account tab and choose click here to cancel my benefits

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