May 24 2019

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What is the econmy


  • Caller: First Federal Credit
  • Call type: Debt collector

First Federal called me although I didn’t know that until I did a Google search for the phone number.

The caller spoke really fast, said her name was Wendy Sparks and that she had to talk to me about something.

Yeah, well she can get in line.

  • Call type: Debt collector

The call came in on my prepaid cell number and I answered it – and it said “Please wait for the next availible attendent to come online.”

I hate these idiots – IF you call BE A HUMAN. Not a answering machine with a messege. And please no foriegn talkers either. EGADS!!

Some broad named Nadia from this number called me at work from this place, she was a real SNOT! I told her not to call me at this number again or I would call the FCC. She told me the next time they would be calling this number was to get employment verification! She then called my cell phone and left a snotty message on my voicemail.

This one is a piece of work, complete with attitude problem. She can SUCK IT!

  • Caller: First Federal Credit Corp
  • Call type: Debt collector
  • Caller: First Federal Credit Corp
  • Call type: Debt collector
  • Caller: FFCC
  • Call type: Debt collector
  • Call type: Debt collector
  • Call type: Debt collector

I agree with the rest. Ignorant phone “operator” saying “uh, hello ? Mark ? Its important you call me back. “

Stupid ! If you can’t briefly give detail of purpose, say “You owe $2500 to Dr So-n-so, and need to make progress”

Maybe I’d answer (or return) and INTELLIGENT collector.

Hey, maybe they could outsource to India. At least they’d be as sensible as the “work at home welfare mamma’s” and wouldn’t need US minimum wage !

Oh, I did call one back (not this one), asked for details of the services I supposedly owed. HIPPA laws prevent that !

We can’t detail your debt, but you need to pay it.

What crap, they can burn their time, not mine.

Mine’s medical bills, yes, got insurance, am employeed, supposedly 2000 max per year deductable, so why do I owe several times that ?

i get calls (cell phone) from this number like once a month, im not usually by the phone when they call . they call at odd hours.

its always a woman calling, sometimes she leaves a message asking for a woman (whom i dont know) to call her back about a bill.

  • Caller: unknown
  • Call type: Debt collector

Maybe I did call them back. Maybe I did tell them they have the wrong person/last 4 of SSN/Number. Maybe I did request that my number be removed because this person they’re looking for I have never heard of and I’ve had this number for 25+ years.
Maybe THEY still call after multiple times going thru all of this.

THEY have the wrong number. They refuse to believe me when I tell them I’m not who they’re looking for. They have been reported to everyone and anyone I can think of

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