Sep 30 2016

Where can I get a free credit score? #loan #no #credit #check

#how can i get a free credit report

Where can I get a free credit score?

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You might be getting credit scores and credit reports confused here, they are two different things.

A credit report is a complete review of your financial past, including payment history, total debt, and more. A credit score is a number indicating your financial risk. In short, it’s a score measuring how likely you are to repay debts, such as loans or lines of credit.

Credit scores are just as important as credit reports—they provide credit grantors with a quick, numeric summary of your creditworthiness. Credit scores are calculated using the information in your credit report and are generated via computer using any of a number of calculation methods. The basic principle behind a credit score is that your credit past plus your credit present can predict your credit future. In general, the higher your credit score, the more “credit-worthy” you appear to potential lenders.

I would get a credit report first as these are offered for free in many places and you can see exactly what is on file for yourself. There is a link below to the top credit reporting site on the internet

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