Oct 10 2017

WritingFix: Prompts and Resources for Daily Journal Writing #random #choice #generator


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Five Recommended Mentor Texts for Educators Who Use Writing Prompts with Students:

Interesting Prompts Submitted by WritingFix Users:

Think about your favorite TV show or movie. Become one of the main characters and write a diary entry based on the last episode or, if a movie, based on a specific scene. Start with “Dear Diary. ” (from Heidi Grassi, Nevada)

If you are an only child, what would your life be like (hypothetically) if you had siblings? If you are a sibling, what would your life be like (hypothetically) if you were an only child? (from Trina Grant, Alabama)

Once in a while you come across a special one, and you think, There is an old soul. Write about your pet or make up an animal friend that has more than just affection behind their eyes. (from Hannah Jacobson, N. Carolina)

Suppose pencils were never invented. (from Carla Annese, New Jersey)

Write a funny** story involving socks.

**You can change ‘funny’ to any emotion–sad or angry or mushy, etc, and ‘socks’ to any normally boring overlooked topic, but for some reason, socks seem to work best as a prompt. (from Audrey deLong, North Carolina)

Several years ago I gave my middle school students this previously-used writing proficiency exam prompt: If your pencil could talk, what would it say about you? My students love it, and they have modified it to this. If [fill in your teacher’s name] pencil could talk, what would it say about you? (Claire Legowski, Nevada)

If you could create a new US holiday that celebrates a person or event, what person or event would you celebrate? Include at least 3 reasons why your new holiday should be celebrated in the United States. (from Rachel Henkel, South Carolina)

What trait have you inherited from your mother (father, grandmother, etc)? When did you know you inherited it? (from LouAnn Flanagan, Kentucky)

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