Jul 2 2018

3 Bureau Credit Reports and Scores from Experian, the three credit reporting agencies.#The #three #credit #reporting #agencies

3-Bureau Credit Report and FICO Scores 1

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1 Credit score calculated based on FICO Score 8 model. Your lender or insurer may use a different FICO Score than FICO Score 8, or another type of credit score altogether. Learn More.

Product features:

3-bureau Credit Report

See how you compare across all 3-bureau Credit Reports with views into your personal information, the accounts reported to each bureau, overall credit usage and debt summary, what hard inquiries there are, and if there are any collections or public records reported.

3-bureau FICO Scores

See what factors are impacting each of your 3-bureau FICO Scores, including payment history, recent credit card usage, your length of credit history, any derogatory items, and credit account types such as installment loans.

Live customer support

Get insight into the factors that may be impacting your credit risk level, and learn the details about the items that appear in your Experian Credit Report. Support is available toll-free 7 days a week.

3-bureau credit resources

How to Resolve Disputes with Credit Bureaus

When you dispute information on your Credit Report, Experian contacts the company that reported the information and notifies them of your dispute.

Debt Bureau Reports Not Part of Experian Credit Report

Debit bureaus specialize in collecting information on accounts held at banking institutions, such as checking and savings accounts, and the information collected by debit bureaus do not appear in an Experian Credit Report.

Do you have to place a fraud alert with each credit reporting company?

When you request a fraud alert or security alert be added with any of the three major credit reporting companies, the company you contacted will notify the other two and alerts will be added with those agencies as well.

Credit basics

Why can Credit Scores be different for each of the 3 bureaus?

If the scores vary based on the same scoring model, then Credit Report information could be different at each of the 3 bureaus. For example, one bureau may have 6 hard inquiries on its credit report, another may have 2, and the last bureau may have 4. Since the number of hard inquiries is a factor in calculating your Credit Score, this could produce different score numbers, even though it is based on the same scoring model.

Why should I check all 3 bureau Credit Reports and Credit Scores?

Information reported to each of the 3 bureaus can be different and the individual creditors furnishing data may also be different, meaning one creditor may only report to one or only two of the three bureaus. Lenders, such as mortgage companies are not required by law to report account information to each of the 3 bureaus. Checking each of your 3 Credit Reports gives you a comprehensive view so that you can easily identify differences that could impact your credit standing.

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One time cost of $39.95

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FICO Scores are developed by Fair Isaac Corporation. The FICO Score provided by, Inc., also referred to as Experian Consumer Services (“ECS”), in Experian CreditWorks SM , Credit Tracker SM and/or your free Experian membership (as applicable) is based on FICO Score 8, unless otherwise noted. Many but not all lenders use FICO Score 8.

In addition to the FICO Score 8, ECS may offer and provide other base or industry-specific FICO Scores (such as FICO Auto Scores and FICO Bankcard Scores). The other FICO Scores made available are calculated from versions of the base and industry-specific FICO Score models. There are many different credit scoring models that can give a different assessment of your credit rating and relative risk (risk of default) for the same credit report. Your lender or insurer may use a different FICO Score than FICO Score 8 or such other base or industry-specific FICO Score, or another type of credit score altogether. Just remember that your credit rating is often the same even if the number is not.

For some consumers, however, the credit rating of FICO Score 8 (or other FICO Score) could vary from the score used by your lender. The statements that “90% of top lenders use FICO Scores” and “FICO Scores are used in 90% of credit decisions” are based on a third-party study of all versions of FICO Scores sold to lenders, including but not limited to scores based on FICO Score 8. Base FICO Scores (including the FICO Score 8) range from 300 to 850. Industry-specific FICO Scores range from 250-900. Higher scores represent a greater likelihood that you’ll pay back your debts so you are viewed as being a lower credit risk to lenders. A lower FICO Score indicates to lenders that you may be a higher credit risk.

There are three different major credit reporting agencies — the Experian credit bureau, TransUnion ® and Equifax ® — that maintain a record of your credit history known as your credit report. Your FICO Score is based on the information in your credit report at the time it is requested. Your credit report information can vary from agency to agency because some lenders report your credit history to only one or two of the agencies. So your FICO Score can vary if the information they have on file for you is different. Since the information in your report can change over time, your FICO Score may also change.

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