May 15 2018

Bad Credit Home Loans: Get a Better Deal If You Have a Bad Credit History, credit cards for people with no credit history.#Credit #cards #for #people #with #no #credit #history


Credit cards for people with no credit history

Been refused by your bank?

Our Core Products and Services Include Loans for:

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Fast Approval, Low Rate Home Loans for People With Bad Credit

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Standard Variable Home Loans from 3.79% pa* | Comparison Rate from 3.84% pa*

Do you have a history of missed payments? Are you in arrears with your current mortgage? Are you an ex Bankrupt or been refused by another lender?.

Bad Credit Home Loans is a bad credit specialist that offers tailored solutions for people that don’t quite fit the normal lending criteria of the banks.

No matter how bad your credit is, we may still be able to help and get you a better deal in the process

Key Benefits of

  • Offers specialist solutions for people with bad credit
  • Fast Approval
  • Free quote. Talk to us to see how we can assist. It costs nothing and could potentially save you thousands.
  • Reduce your repayments. Many of our lending solutions will lower your repayments below other lenders or lower your repayments on your existing liabilities.
  • Wide range of loans

We may still be able to assist you in the following situations:

  • Self Employed Persons
  • People with no Tax returns
  • If you are at risk of foreclosure
  • Persons with no savings history
  • People with a bad credit history or have missed payments or defaults
  • Pensioners
  • People on centrelink or government allowances

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