Aug 17 2017

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BIC Foundation

Stratford University completes affiliation with Baltimore International College

Stratford University completed an affiliation with Baltimore International College (BIC) to assume the educational and operational functions of BIC effective January 1, 2012. Stratford University’s School of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management will offer degree programs at the former BIC campuses on 210 South Central Avenue.

Stratford University is admitting new students into the culinary arts and hospitality management degree programs. Prospective students can contact Admissions at 1-800-624-9926, or visit our Culinary School page for more information.

Request a Baltimore International College (BIC) Transcript or Diploma

**Please submit transcript and diploma request forms on the same day the payment is made. Transcript and diploma requests are not accepted via email or telephone. If you have a current account hold, your transcript request will not be processed and all fees will be applied to your current balance.**

The cost of each transcript and diploma is $10.00. You must pay at the time the transcript and diploma request is received, or in advance. For faster processing, this fee can be charged to your credit card by using the payment button below. Once payment has been completed online, kindly fax your transcript or diploma request to 410-327-7365. The fee can also be paid by check by sending the signed transcript or diploma request form and a check made payable to “Stratford University”.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing:

Click here to download the BIC Transcript Request Form.

Click here to download the BIC Diploma Request Form.

Click here to to pay online for your BIC transcripts only. (Paying online will not send a request form, you still have to fill out and fax/mail the form. Click the link above to download)

Mail your written and signed request form to:

Stratford University
Attn: Lesley Otterbein
210 S. Central Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21202

Or fax your written and signed request form to the Registrar’s Office at 410-327-7365.

All requests must include name, social security number, signature and the address where you would like the transcript to be mailed. Requests are normally sent out 4-6 weeks, but may take longer during peak times.

Request a Stratford University Transcript

Contact Us

To contact the Baltimore International College Foundation, please mail your inquiries to:

Baltimore International College Foundation
Attn: Mr. Charles Nabit
17 Commerce Street
Baltimore, MD 21202

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