Nov 14 2017

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Business Credit Reports

From $69.00

When Their Business Becomes Your Business– Check them out with Corra’s Business Credit Reports

How much credit should you extend?

Our reports provide credit limit recommendations based on many factors, including time in business and other industry standards.

Business Credit Rating Score

Our credit rating scores provide you with a report card on the creditworthiness on your prospective suppliers, clients and partners.*

All Businesses Great and Small

Get information on millions of businesses, from small sole proprietorships to large Fortune 500 Corporations.

Detailed Business information

Get detailed information about a business’s organizational structure, including a directory of key management executives, number of employees, number of business locations, and primary line of business (based on SIC codes) and other lines of business. We also provide photographs of business locations.

UCC and Legal Filings

Find out if a company has filed for bankruptcy or has a lien of its assets. The UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) records report property pledged as collateral to creditors. If a company already has claims on its assets, this may influence your decision to extend credit.

Recommended Credit Limits

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