Aug 30 2017

Choose the Bid and Price That – s Right for You #name #your #price #auto #insurance


Choose the Bid and Price That s Right for You

The most important aspect of shipping your vehicle is choosing the transporter that is right for you. You can get a background on the carrier offering to transport your vehicle by looking at their profile for qualifications and feedback score, as well as services they offer. Then you may learn more about these transporters by obtaining upfront quotes, naming your price or listing your shipment for auction.

Listing your Vehicle:

To attract the best and most qualified bidders to your auto shipment, you need to provide all the details in your shipment listing. According to Dean Xeros, an industry expert and the General Manager of uShip Motors, the best way to find a qualified transporter is to provide a complete and accurate description of the vehicle. If the vehicle is factory stock, not a problem, he says. But if any modifications have been made if it s been lowered, over-sized tires have been put on it, then it s really important that the transporter know this in advance.

Describe the make and model of your car, as well as any modifications like spoilers or larger tires in your listing. Let them know your exact timeframe for pick-up and delivery, as well as the type of service you need. Also, you must disclose if your vehicle has any mechanical issues. Most transporters can still transport non-running vehicles if they can roll, brake, and steer, but they have to know in advance in order to be properly prepared.

Pricing Methods:

There are several ways to price your vehicle shipment. Pricing will depend on how much time you have to receive bids and how you want your vehicle shipped.

One option is to book with providers who publish their rates on uShip. Simply enter the year, make, and model of your car for upfront quotes from registered carriers. Once you have reviewed these quotes, you can send carriers booking requests for your vehicle shipment.

If you decide to list your vehicle shipment to the marketplace, you can name your price or start an auction. Use Name Your Price to ship your item quickly and for a good price. Simply list the price that you would like to pay. You can get an idea of a reasonable price by checking out the widget on the side of that page, which calculates an estimate based on similar shipments. The Name Your Price option automatically selects the first qualifying bid that matches your set price by qualified service providers with a feedback rating of at least 10 and 90% or greater positive feedback. This is perfect if you are in a time crunch and can’t wait to gradually receive bids. Remember, if no carriers will accept your price, you can increase it as often as you like.

Most people list their vehicle shipments for simple auction. To do this, specify your shipment details, the duration of the auction, target price and maximum price. This will match you up with providers who will bid on your shipment.

Receiving Bids:

Bids will filter in within the duration of the auction as carriers and transporters log on to uShip for loads. Carriers will post questions on your shipment’s page about the details of your shipment; remember that it is in your best interest to answer these quickly. If a transporter with extra space who is going through your area asks a question, you can save some serious money by answering it quickly and accepting his bid.


You will need to choose among the transporters who have bid on your shipment. You will be ready to accept a bid once you have:

  • Answered all questions asked about your shipment
  • Found a carrier you feel comfortable with
  • Reviewed the feedback on the carrier’s profile
  • Checked out the MC and DOT numbers of your carrier

At this point, you will accept the bid you like and start the booking process! Go to your shipment page and click the button by your chosen carrier’s name to confirm their booking. Then, you will be prompted to review the details of your shipment and their bid. If applicable, you will be prompted for a service charge and deposit with details on how to pay (by credit card or uShip payments). Once your payment is confirmed, you should receive an email with your carrier’s contact information, their terms and conditions and instruction for the next steps.

Each company has their own protocol, but most will contact you within a few hours.

Important Notes:

We encourage all customers to leave feedback for carriers. Feedback helps future customers make their decisions, so be sure to log on after the shipment is completed and rate your provider. We love to hear stories about shipments and a glowing recommendation is the best way to thank your transporter for great service.

Written by CREDIT